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Safe2Fly has decided to fly further and become global! Would you join us in this trip?

From Safe2Fly version 2 onwards, ‘restricted areas’ information will be provided and maintained by the community that uses the app.

What does this mean?

From now on, Safe2Fly will provide information with regards to aerodrome, weather conditions, wind and forecast, and it is the community who adds Local Restrictions and Spots. We think you are the ones who know your area the best, so now you have the coolest tool ever to share your knowledge with other members of the community.

How does it work?

With Safe2Fly you are able to easily add Restricted Areas and Local Restrictions, with a name, description, a link (for users to find more information online), and if the restriction is applicable to a specific area, you can draw it on the map. How cool! You can also edit Restricted Areas and report wrong or outdated areas.

How does ‘Report an area’ work?

When you report an area, the area gets a bad score, and after several bad reports by different users, that area will be automatically disabled, you can also report a restriction to be improved.

Community Spots: Because we listen to your feedback, from this version you have the ability to check-in and check-out from Spots added by you or by someone else within the community. You can also edit your own Spots or delete them, as well as add comments, like, and share Spots via email or social networks.

As you may know, creating and maintaining a useful App such as Safe2Fly is time-consuming and generates some basic costs. Help us to continue improving Safe2Fly with a contribution: options are from one dollar a month. Visit to become a patron of Safe2Fly!

Keep sending us feedback! We love hearing from you and work on stuff that you would like to have.

We hope you enjoy this new version of the app, your app!

Main Features are:

Map: Community Spots: view, add, and edit good or bad spots; add a link in the spot to your photos or videos; publish anonymously; check in, check out, share, comment, and like spots. Restricted areas: add, view, edit, and report restricted areas. Plan a flight: long press to access to Quick Check functionality anywhere on the map.

Quick Check: Weather: check the weather at your current position, wind speed, day and week forecast. Local restrictions: check local restrictions based on information provided by the community. Check local rules.

Rules: keep the rules in your pocket.

One of the goals of Safe2Fly is to help combat the "drone-phobia", help us by knowing your rights and obligations as a pilot.


Help us and share Safe2Fly! :)